Next Homesĭtē Recipe Exchange TBA

Next Homesĭtē Recipe Exchange TBA
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visit HOMESITE a Participatory Art Project by Joyce Dallal and Lauren M. Kasmer, 1992-2010, at Actions, Conversations, and Intersections an exhibition of participatory projects at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery January 24 – April 18, 2010 (opening reception is Sunday Jan. 31 ) and the public may continue to participate in this art project during the Homesite Clothing Exchanges and our Homesite Recipe Exchanges .

Clothing Exchanges ( where you bring an unwanted article of clothing, tell us why you want to barter for anothers contribution ) will be conducted on two Sunday afternoons: February 28 and March 28.  On April 11, 2010  we invite the public to The Recipe Exchange Fete, for culinary performances and opportunity, to muse on, write about  and share in your recipes about “Home”. Also accepting online submissions : After the gallery closes at 5 on April 11 this is also to be a thank you party for all contributors to the HOMESite art project.

HOMESITE (pronounced Home-site or Home-City), is the multifaceted interdisciplinary art installation conceived of in 1990 by artists Joyce Dallal and Lauren M. Kasmer investigating the city of Los Angeles, it’s history and environment, as a home place. Homesite consists of modular components that can be rearranged to fit in different spaces. At each exhibition in public spaces such as retail storefront windows through the 90's, we invited city residents to contribute during public workshops and appearances and these visual and text contributions were included in the artpiece. Public participation/contributions continue to be a vital component of this artwork especially in 2009 and through this year where we have initiated and continue the Homesite Clothing Exchanges and Homesite Recipe Exchanges. 




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